Bolania (and Kristelfenia & Retimania) after the Kristelfenian War and the 4043 Disasters, with only three states remaining

Bolania is the country that Adelaide Setto and her family lived in before moving to England. It is not on Planet

Map of Bolania (with states)

Earth, and it is only accessible for Natives, Necklace Bearers or their Relatives, or those accompanied by Necklace Bearers or direct ancestors of them. It has an approximate population of 17.1 million, making it the

most populous country in the Dreielandegroopevijnjoutos (The Interconnected Group of the Three Countries). It is home to roughly 8.51 million Powerfuls, making up about 50% of the population of the country and 34% of the entire population of Powerfuls. This country suffered the most during the Powerful Being Wipeout. The majority of Bolanian Powerfuls live on the coast of Waarkdewenn or in Lorton.

The most popular, and native, language of the country is Bolanian, which is a Germanic language. Dutch and German are spoken amongst 84 % of the population, with English being taught in schools.


One of the oldest, and mos kept, traditions in Bolania is Der Hämkasbrettmilkdennel (Literally "The Ham, Cheese, Bread and Milk Meal"). This is a meal consisting of two slices of ham, two slices of bread, cheese, and a glass of milk. On Royal Day, more ham is eaten, more and varying types of bread are added (as well as more types of cheese), and the milk is usually more filling. This meal is eaten around 16:00. Most Bolanian families still keep this meal as a tradition, with some having rules such as "No one may share their meal".


Bolania has nineteen states that split the country up. Here is a list of them, in order of population:

  1. Waarkdewenn - 8.6 million
  2. Lorton - 2.3 million
  3. Bendowaan - 1 million
  4. Püfen - 0.98 million
  5. Öfentejße - 0.94 million
  6. Aahdem - 0.83 million
  7. Exikendäf - 0.8 million
  8. Kekseln - 0.4 million 
  9. Vekeln - 0.37 million
  10. Furchtsöß - 0.2 million
  11. Ézkel - 0.13 million
  12. Üchün - 0.11 million
  13. Ääden - 0.1 million 
  14. Felten -  0.09 million
  15. Äcksen - 0.07 million
  16. Kwaarten - 0.06 million
  17. Ekilor - 0.06 million
  18. Veelten - 0.05 million
  19. Jürten - 0.01 million