Bolanian is the official, and most spoken, language of Bolania. It is a Germanic language and, as such, is closest to the tongues of English, Dutch and German. Over 97% of the Bolanian population (16.587 million) speak it as a first language.

Bolanian, in terms of writing and spelling (and also, in most parts, pronunciation), is closest to Dutch but, in terms of grammar, German is its closest relative. Like German, Bolanian relies on four cases, three genders and one plural.

Bolanian is written in the Latin alphabet, with added letters such as ö, ü ä, é, á and ß.

The language is also spoken as a second and third language in the other countries in Die Dreielandegroopevijnjoutos, Kristelfenia and Retimania.


The words for "the" and "a(n)" in Bolanian are very similar to those in German (at least, in the nominative and accusative cases). The following is a table representing all of the different ways of saying the articles in relation to the case and gender:


Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
Nominative Der Die  Das Die
Accusative Der Die Dem Die
Genitive Den Dem Dem Die
Dative Die Der Das Die


Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative Ein Eine Eimen
Accusative Einer Eine Eim
Genitive Einen Einem Einem
Dative Eine Einer Eines