Emily Floret
Name Emily Daisy Floret
Age 13
Birthday 3rd March, 1933/3rd March, 3333
Gender Female
Species Human, With Powerful Ancestry
Hometown London, England
Nationality English
Family Michael Floret
Henry Floret
Annabelle Floret
Penelope Floret
Jadelyn Floret
Tara Floret
Adam Floret
Friends Lilly Thompson
Status Alive

Emily Daisy Floret is an English female who was the Queen of Bolania from 4005 to 4031 (1946-2007 in Earth time), and thus was a Bearer of the Necklace. She was born on the third of March, 1933, at 03:33 (3:33AM). She first stumbled upon Bolania at the age of seven, after going to a countryside boarding school in World War II. She later went there again with three of her siblings. Soon, she returned with just her brothers, Henry and Michael, her older sister Annabelle not being permitted to return. The next time, it was due to be just Emily and Michael (your position amongst your siblings decides how many times you are allowed to enter Bolania), but Emily's friend Lilly accidentally came with Emily. Emily then, once again, travelled to Bolania at the age of 13, arriving in a ruined and abandoned world. She helped to win a fight amongst all of the villains she had faced previously and then proceeded to be Queen, her destiny. She was Queen for 26 years (61 years in Earth time), and she succeeded previous Queen Rose, who had ruled for 150 years Bolanian time and 411 years in Earth time. Rose was initially from Tudor England and was also a Bearer of the Necklace.


  • When she finally returned back to England after years of ruling in Bolania, Emily was actually younger than her daughter, Lucy. Emily was 13 (the age she was when she was last in England) and Lucy was 14. They told people that they were sisters, because of their likeness.