Front cover
Written by Bailey Shipp
Status Unpublished
Type Short Novel
Genre Fantasy and superhero

Empty is a short, unpublished novel written by Bailey Shipp. It was thought up for an English task. It takes elements from the Holocaust, The Chronicles of Narnia, House of Anubis and other famous stories and histories. It is a fantasy superhero story. Bailey finished the book on June 14th, 2013.


Adelaide Setto is a fourteen year old Powerful girl living in England. Only, she isn't English. She comes from a magical world, Bolania, and can become invisible and fly (a power possessed by 97% of the magic Bolanian population). Bolania, in the absence of a Necklace Bearing Monarch, was taken over by an army who believed that magical beings (called "Powerfuls") were unfair and needed to be wiped out. Adelaide and her family of Powerfuls were living in Bolania at the time and Adelaide helped win the war two years after it started. The Setto family then immigrated to England (The Queen's Country) to start a new, peaceful life.

One day, when tidying up in a classroom, Adelaide notices a girl called Sierra walk in. Sierra cannot reach a folder and proceeds to fly to grab it. Adelaide then discovers that Sierra, along with her friends, Scarlett, Amy and Robert, is a "Protector of the Elemnt", which means that she can control the element of Air. Scarlett is able to control Water, Amy can control Fire and Robert Earth. Adelaide shares her powers with them and they all soon become friends.

At school one day, Adelaide notices something odd in an assembly - bodyguards, locked doors, and a strange, mysterious, beeping sound coming from the end of the corridor. And, when the bodyguards start to kidnap the students, can Adelaide and the Protectors put everything right? Will Adelaide be able to win a second war?