Lucy Floret is a half-Bolanian, half-English girl who is the daughter of Queen Emily. She was born and lived in Bolania for the first eight years of her life; on her eighth birthday, after she had received her full powers, she was kidnapped by the Black Mist and dropped in England, where she was adopted by a woman called Anne Feryn. Lucy forgot everything about Bolania and her powers. When she was twelve, Lucy re-discovered who she was and returned to Bolania, her powers allowing her to easily flit back and forth. Because she was a native Bolanian (even though Necklace Bearers are classed as such), Lucy was able to take her friends along with her.


Lucy Floret-Crysalfenn was born on October 6th, 1998 (Earth time) / October 6th, 4020 to Her Royal Highness Queen Emily of Bolania and her husband, Prince Oryenki Crysalfenn. At the time of her birth, Lucy was naturally Her Royal Highness Princess Lucy of Bolania, Heiress Presumptive. She was later made Duchess of Krillenstadt, Countess of Findelvey and Lady of Recsom.

Lucy's mother told her all of her home planet, Earth, and her home country, England. Lucy longed to go there one day, and Emily said she would allow it as they got older, never explaining the reason why.

When growing up, the Black Mist constantly threatened Bolania. They were a society of people who had the ability to turn into mist. Lucy wasn't frightened much by the Mist; for some reason, she knew that, if they were to attack her, her mother and her father, she would have some sort of protection from them. She just didn't know what.

On her eighth birthday, Lucy was presented her powers by her mother. The same day, as she visited the market in the town, as custom, the Black Mist invaded the city and Lucy was kidnapped, but not before she helped to create a secret, safe hiding place for a little girl who had lost her mother and was alone.

Lucy was dropped by the Black Mist as they flew above Earth, landing in England. She survived the fall and was helped by a woman named Anne. For the next four years, Lucy lived with Anne, having forgotten all about Bolania and believing she was a normal, typical, English girl.

When Anne decided that her and Lucy would move to Scotland, Lucy went to a boarding school. It was from the 1800s and had survived both World War I and II. At the school, Lucy met her best friend, Kristine. She also met an old woman who attended the school in World War II, Lilly. Lilly said that Lucy reminded her of a girl she knew, called Emily, who went missing in 1946.