Luywikki Setto
Name Luywikki Christiano (Luke Christian) Setto
Age 16
Birthday 14th May, 1996/14th May, 4026
Gender Male
Species Powerful
Powerful Abilities Mind reading, flying
Hometown Kapitaolstettenpolificara (Capital City of Polificara), Bolania
Nationality Bolanian
Status Alive

Luywikki Christiano Setto (also known as Luke Christian Setto) is a Bolanian Powerful who lived during the Powerful Being Wipeout. He was eight years old when the War began and ten years old when it finished. Nine months later, after the Setto family helped to rebuild the country, they immigrated to England (a.k.a. The Queen's Land), like many other families also did.  Luke can read minds and fly. The only time he cannot read minds is when he doesn't wish to or when the person he is trying to read is invisible (which is a useful power for Adelaide, as she can keep her thoughts private).


Luke and his younger sister look very much alike. He has dark, brown, short hair and hazel eyes, which usually have a mischievious glint in them. Unlike his sister, he has darker skin and is considerably muscly.