The National Anthem of the Three Countries (Die Dreielandenatzionalzong) is the national anthem that represents the Interconnected Group of the Three Countries (Die Dreielandegroopevijnjoutos). It is sung in Bolanian, Kristelfenian and Retimanian, but the official song is in Bolanian, due to the language being the oldest language of the three. It is sung once in Bolania and twice in Kristelfenia and Retimania (in Bolanian and then in the country's respective language). The beginning line of the song features the three countries. In each country, the name of the country the anthem is sung in comes first, regardless of language sung in. 

There are eight lines in the anthem. The first two talk about all of the countries. The third and fourth talk about Kristelfenia, the fifth and sixth about Retimania and the final two about Bolania. No matter which country the anthem is sung in, the order of description is always the same.


Bolanian LyricsEdit

Drak and Val and Rikroment

Tel ajour and fell desent!

Fil ä Kar and Pattonwal

Rin du sar ajourle Mel!

Kaarten sijn Grikandowande

Sellen mar drijt anden Warde!

Fel ouc Kaar mij in den Faantel

Findu kaar mot in den Tantel!

English LyricsEdit

Bolania and Kristelfenia and Retimania

Always stand and never descend!

Full of courage and strength

We will always fight evil!

Mapping our generosity 

Is an act for which we aren't known!

May the bush from our founder

Prosper ever on with our pride!